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"When in the Strip, stop at Fort Pitt!"

Serving Pittsburgh's Strip Distric with fantastic candy and tobacco products! Come in and check out our wide variety of different candies and tobacco products. We carry a unique assortment of chocolates and hard candies.




Please feel free to call us or stop in for up to date availability. Products and availability are subject to change.

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Arnolds Candies Milk Duds
ButterFinger Mounds
Charleston Chews Necco
Creme Saver Nerds
Fun Dip Nesle
Gourmet Liquorice Nibs
Gummi Savers Payday
Hershey Runts
Howe's Bag Candy Skybar
Kenny's Twists Sweetarts
Kit Kat Twizzler
M&M Mars Werthers
Milky Way Whoppers
Reese Wurmz & Dirt
Skittles Zagnut
Sugar Babies/Daddies
Tangy Taffy
York Peppermint Patties
2 Cent Candies 25 Cent Candies
Big Bal Gum Whistle Pops
Chews Melon Wedge Pops
Fruit Mix Appleheads
Neon Lazer Straws Atomic Fireballs
Gumtime Boston Baked Beans
Starlite Mints Candy Cigarettes/Necklaces Watches
Tootsie Rolls (10 Flavors) Cella Cherries
  Chico Sticks
  Cowtailes (4 Flavors)
  Crazy Roll
  Goldenberg Peanut Chews
5 Cent Candies Grapeheads
Baseball Gum Gummi Geckos/Pizza
Bazooka Gum Hot Tamalies
Bubbaloo Gum Jawbreakers
Cry Baby Laffy Taffy Ropes (8 Flavors)
Double Bubble Lemonheads
Dum Dum Pops Chewy Lemonheads
Swedish Fish Lindor Balls (7 Flavors)
Flying Saucers Mike & Ikes (6 Flavors)
Red Bird Mint Stix/Puffs Now & Later (21 Flavors)
Sour Patch Nuclear Sludge
Tootsie Rolls Pop Rocks
Top Pops Red Hots
Red Twizzlers Sixlet
  Slapstick Pops
  Sponge Bob Krabby Patties
  Yum Yum Cones
10 Cent Candies 30/35 Cent Candies
Andes Mints Bubble Gum Cigars
Atomic Fireballs Giant Pixie Sticks
BB Bats Suckers Lollies
Candy Lipstick Sunflower Seeds
Carmel Creams Ring Pops
Gold Coins  
Gummi Burgers/Hot Dogs/Eyes  
Kit Carmel  
Laffy Taffy (multiple flavors)  
Life Saver Pops  
Mary Janes  
Now & Later (multiple flavors)  
Sour Power Belts  
Squirrel Nut Zippers  
York Patties  


Gums Mints
Bazooka Altoids
Bubble Yum Aqua Drops
Bubblicious Breathsavers
Carefree Certs
Chiclet Creme Savers
Dentyne Dentyne
Eclipse Daily C
Extra Eclipse
Freedent Doublemint
Freshenup Lifesaver
Fruit Stripe Mento
Hubba Bubba Nu Breath
Ice Breaker Rolaids
Beaman's Sen Sen
Black Jack Tic Tac
Teaberry Tums

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Please feel free to call us or stop in for up to date availability. Products and availability are subject to change.


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Meat Snacks
Jack Links *  
Old Wisconsin *  
Penrose *  
S J *  
Slim Jim *  
Wild Bill *  
Chips / Pretzels / Crackers / Etc.
Cracker Jack Boxes  
Lance Crackers  
Nature Valley  
Pop Tarts  
Rice Krispie Treats Original  
Ritz Blitz  
Sunflower Seeds  
Frito Les  
Herrs Potato Chips  
Pork Rinds  
Potato Stix  
Snyders Vending Sizes  
Snyders $0.99 Sizes  
Troyer Halloween Chips  

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Alberts Candies Lollipop Paint
Au'Some Beach Set Candy Mega Mallow Ice Cream
Ba Ba Baby Bottle Mega Mallow Pizza
Big Bubble Edible Bubbles Mega Mallows Big Burger
Big Burp and Big Barf Mike & Ike Spray
Big League Chew Ouch Bubble Gum
Big Shots Chew Original Pez Disney 12's
Big Slugger Baseball Pez Rigs
Bubble Tape Pinwheel Pop Light Up
Bug City Pop Shots
Camo Backpack Gum Reindeer Food
Candy Lipstick Rock Candy
Candy Toothbrush Sand Bags Powder Candy
Candy Whistle w/Fill Shark Attack Paddle
Caramel Apple Dips Shocktart Squeeze
Clicker Licker Baseball Sidewalk Chalk
Fishkabobs Jelly Pop Slithering Snake Sucker
Flic nLic Lollipop Snap N Glow Pop
Flower Candy Lollipop Soccer Mania
Glo Popcifier Lollipop Squeeze Pop
Gold Mine Gum Suprise Bag
Grillz Teeth Candy Sweetarts Squeez
Grouch Garbage Bag Topps Bottle Pop
Gummi Bags Toxic Lollipop
Gummi Assortments Warhead Super Sour
Hello Kitty Lipstick Wax Fangs
Hi-Bounce Sports Balls Wax Sugar Lips
Hissee Fit Gummi Snake Bubble Tape Strawberry
Hot Wheel Candy Dispensers  
Impact Candy  
Jerky Stuff  
K-9 Candies  
Kandy Edible Teef  
Kooky Chew  
Light Up Candy Cool Pop  
Liquid 88  

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Please feel free to call us or stop in for up to date availability. Products and availability are subject to change. We also carry a variety of tobacco accesories including rolling papers, lighters and more.


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Full Price Cigaretts Discount Price Cigarettes
Benson & Hedger Basic
Camel Doral
Capri Maverick
Carlton Montclair
Chesterfield Old Gold
Kent Generic Price Cigarettes
Kool GPC
Lark Misty
Lucky Strike Monarch
Marlboro Pall Mall Generic
More 120  
Newport Low Price Cigarettes
Now Liggett
Pall Mall Gold Shield
Pall Mall Red Sonoma
Parliament USA
Phillip Morris Commander Wave
Saratoga Miscellanious Cigarettes
Tareyton Dunhill
Virginia Slim  



Cigars Tobacco
A & C Beechnut
Avanti Bugler
Backwood Camel Snus
Black & Mild Copenhagen
Blackstone Drum
Cherry Blend Five Brothers


DeNobli Grizzly
Dutch Master Hawkins
El Producto Husky
El Verso Kayak
Game Kite
Garcia Vega Kodiak
Gold & Mild Levi Garrett
Hava Tampa Longhorn
Marsh Wheeling Mail Pouch
Parodi Midnight Special
Phillie Peach
Prince Albert Railroad Mills
Robert Burns Redman
Smoker's Choice Renegade
Swisher Sweet Skoal
White Owl Timberwolf
Winchester Trophy
  Zig Zag

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We are a complete PA Lottery Vendor. Please stop in to purchase your numbers for the day and check the link below for the winning numbers!






This page is coming soon!






1642 Penn Ave 2
Pittsburgh, PA‎
(412) 281-9016‎



Contact Us!

Please send us an e-mail with any questions at info@fortpittcandy.com

We can ship to most locations in the United States!

If you have any other questions feel free to call us at (412) 281-9016‎